small size. big features.

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Features Image
needle-free access on Y-site for a wide range of applications
needle length on tab insert
color-coded C-clamps for easy gauge identification
kink-resistant TOTM-plasticized tubing
available in Y-site or non Y-site
fully threaded luer-lock connector fits standard accessories
variety of needle lengths and gauge sizes
non-absorbent closed-cell foam pad helps increase patient comfort
small, low profile infusion site for patient comfort
non-sharp, non-siliconized blunt cannula helps reduce the risk of needlestick injury
unique safety arm provides audible 'click' to secure needle
non-coring needle locks into place for sharp disposal
Feature Benefit
Small, low profile infusion site
  • Unobtrusive
  • Ease of dressing
  • Comfortable for patient
Sharp non-coring trocar inserter is disposed of at time of portal access Helps to promote clinician and patient safety
Non-sharp, non-siliconized blunt cannula design
  • Less chance of needlestick injury during de-access and safe removal and disposal following infusion
  • Less chance of needlestick injury to non-clinician personnel
  • Stays securely in port, yet removes easily during de-access
Blunt cannula provides excellent flow (when fully in portal chamber) Blunt cannula flows straight downward as opposed to huber bevel which may not be fully through the septum or against the side of the port. The blunt cannula provides up to 40% increased flow as compared to a huber needle¹
Trocar, non-coring needle that locks into place for sharps disposal Allows clinician to insert and immediately remove the trocar, helping reduce the chance of needlestick injury
Non-absorbent, closed-cell foam pad
  • Contributes to extra patient comfort for long-term infusions
  • Same as already proven GRIPPER PLUS® safety needle
Unique safety arm provides an audible click Notifies clinician that the sharp is securely captured
Provides needle-free access via Needle-free Access Connector (NAC) for all Y-site products Provides a wide range of applications: anesthesia, IV, fluid delivery, and blood draws
Easy identification of needle gauge with color-coded C-clamps (Beige=19G, Yellow=20G, Black=22G) Provides ease of use and convenience for clinician
MR-conditional up to 3 Tesla Allows for access during MRI procedures