easy to use.

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a quick overview on how to use the GRIPPER® Micro needle

Access a port

  1. Prepare the site according to facility protocol
  2. Holding on to the inserter as shown, insert the needle into the port
Access a port image

Remove the needle

  1. From the back of the inserter, place fingers on each side of the inserter's base to stabilize it
  2. With the other hand, place a finger on the tip of the inserter's safety arm
  3. Press the tab in and lift the safety arm straight back until the needle clicks into the locked position
Remove the needle image

Dispose in sharps container

  1. Dispose of the inserter in a sharps container
  2. Apply a semi-permeable dressing over the infusion site, ensuring that a minimum 4cm area surrounding the site is covered
Dispose in sharps container image

Remove infusion site

  1. Place fingers on each side of the infusion site. Stabilize the port with the other hand
  2. Lift the infusion site straight up and discard per facility protocol
Remove infusion site image

Innovative product features that increase ease of use

  • Facilitate easy and safe insertion and removal
  • Actual size…smaller than a dime
Smaller than a dime image


  1. Insert the GRIPPER® Micro Safety Needle into a port
  2. Press the tab in and lift the safety arm until it "clicks" into a locked position
  3. Dispose of the inserter with its safe needle into a sharps container
  4. All that is left is a small, low profile infusion site


  1. Remove the non-sharp blunt cannula by lifting the infusion site straight up and discard per facility protocol.